Santa went into a restaurant and ordered his meal.
    When the waitress came out with his soup, he noticed that she had her thumb stuck into the soup. This upset him, but he was a gentleman and let it go.
    She then brought out his chili, and again her thumb was in the food. He let it go again.
    When she brought out his hot dessert, her thumb was in the food and this was too much for him.
    Santa said, "Goddammit, woman, get your damn thumb out of my food!"
    She replied,"Well, I injured it a while ago and the Doctor said I should keep it warm."
    Santa said angrily,"Why don't you just shove it up your ass!"
    She said, "That's what I do when I'm in the kitchen."
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  • Freezing hands! Banta and his girlfriend go up to the mountains for a romantic winter vacation. When they get there, Banta goes out to chop some wood.
    When he gets back, he says, 'Honey, my hands are freezing!'
    She says, 'Well, put them here between my...
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