Santa, owner of a big furniture store went to Mumbai to buy some stock and met a really beautiful girl in the hotel elevator. But she was South Indian and they couldn't understand a word of each other's language.
    So Santa took out a pencil and notebook and drew a sketch of a taxi.
    She nodded her head and laughed and they went for a ride in the park.
    Then Santa drew a picture of a table in a restaurant with a question mark and she nodded, so they went to dinner.
    After dinner, he sketched two dancers and she was delighted. They went to a night club and danced and had a lovely evening. At length, she motioned for the pencil and drew a picture of a four-poster bed.
    Santa was dumbfounded. He's never been able to figure out how she knew he was in the furniture business.
  • Smart wife Jeeto was in bed with Banta and things were heating up. All of a sudden, they heard a noise downstairs.
    'Oh my God, Santa is home. What am I going to do?'
    'Aw, just stay in bed with me. He's probably so...
  • Injured thumb Santa went into a restaurant and ordered his meal.
    When the waitress came out with his soup, he noticed that she had her thumb stuck into the soup. This upset him...
  • Out of gas A little girl asked her Mom, 'Mom, may I take the dog for a walk around the block?'
    Mom says, 'No, because the dog is in heat.'
    'What does that mean?' asked the girl.
    'Go ask your father. I think he is in...
  • New brothel! A woman goes into a pet shop looking for a parrot. The assistant shows her a beautiful African Grey parrot.
    'What about this one, Madam? A beautiful bird, I'm sure you'll agree, and it's an absolute steal at only $15.
    'Why is it that cheap...
  • Freezing hands! Banta and his girlfriend go up to the mountains for a romantic winter vacation. When they get there, Banta goes out to chop some wood.
    When he gets back, he says, 'Honey, my hands are freezing!'
    She says, 'Well, put them here between my...