Smart blonde...

There was a blonde driving down a road in her brand new, green Mustang. She was driving behind a big semi, she wanted to drive faster (because it was a new sports car and everything), so she started to get right on the semi`s tail. This angered the semi driver, he motioned for the blonde to pull over. They both pulled over and the semi driver got out of his truck and drew a big cirle on the road with his chalk. He told the blonde to stand in the middle of the circle until he told her to get out. She did as she was told. The semi guy started to beat up the brand new Mustang! He beat it up until it was only a big heap of green metal.
He turns to the blonde and says, "So what do you have to say to that?"
She replies with laughter. He screams at her, "What are you laughing at?"
"Well," she answers, "When you weren`t looking I stepped out of the circle!"

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