There were three generals, one Chinese, an Iraqi, and a Turk. They were bragging about how good each of their armies were.

    The Chinaman said, "My army would kill themselves for their country!"

    Then he put a platoon in a little room and told them, "When this feather hits the floor I want all of you to shoot yourselves!"

    He then went outside the room and five seconds later there were numerous gunshots and everyone in the room was dead.

    Next came the Turkish General and he said the same thing to one of his platoons. About seven seconds later they heard gunshots and once again everyone was dead.

    Finally came the Iraqi and he did the same to his platoon. Several seconds past and there were no gunshots. They decided to wait a little longer. Then several more seconds past and still no gunshots.

    Finally they went in and the whole Iraqi platoon was on the floor blowing under the feather to keep it up.
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