Pile of Shit
    A mailman walked down the street and saw Little Johnny playing in a pile of shit, had it between his fingers and smeared over his body.

    The mailman asked him what he was doing and Johnny looked up and said, "Making a Mailman".

    This pissed the mailman off, he went up the street and saw a fireman. He told the fireman what the boy was doing and what a smart ass the kid was, the fireman said that he would have a talk with the boy.

    The fireman walked up to Little Johnny and asked him what was he doing playing in pile of shit, Johhny looked up and said, "Making a Fireman."

    This pissed the fireman off, he left to tell a cop. The cop said that he would have a talk with the boy. The cop asked Little Johnny, "What are you doing, playing with a pile of shit?"

    Little Johnny looked up and said nothing.

    The cop said, "You told the mailman and the fireman that you were making a fireman and a mailman, why don't you tell me that you are making a cop."

    Little Johnny looked up and without a grin said, "I ain't got enough shit".
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