This is Heaven
    This old man and old woman (husband and wife) die and go to heaven. There, St. Peter gives them the grand tour of their new home. It's a HUGE mansion with a limo driver, gardener, etc.

    The old man exclaims, "That's ours?"

    St. Peter says "Yes, it is yours, forever and ever."

    The old man is a little suspicious and says, "How much is the rent?"

    St. Peter says, "It is free. After all, this is heaven."

    Across the street is an expansive golf course with beautifully manicured lawn, interesting layout, and fun golf carts.

    St. Peter says, "You can play here whenever you want."

    The old man says, "What are the green fees?"

    St. Peter replies, "None. After all, this is heaven."

    The old man is very impressed. They go inside the house and on the dining room table is a gigantic feast with roasted meats, desserts, fine wine and all the fixings.

    The old man says, "How many calories?"

    St. Peter says, "None. After all, this is heaven."

    The old man gets a look on his face like he suddenly understands what heaven is all about.

    Then the old man suddenly turns and slaps the old woman, yelling, "You stupid witch! If it weren't for your damn bran muffins and tofu and other health food, not to mention making me give up booze and cigarettes and take exercise every day, we could have been here YEARS ago!"
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