Lost Tourist
    A man from Lahore was touring Punjab and got lost. He saw Santa working in his field and stopped for directions.

    Santa told him how to get to Shimla.

    The man wanted to talk a bit so he asked Santa, "Is this your farm?"

    "Yep", Santa answered.

    "How big is it?" asked the tourist.

    "Well, it starts down the road there where the creek is and follows the creek up and over the hill to about where you can see that big tree. Then it runs across back of the barn to a big pile of stones up yonder and then down along the fence there to the road up that way."

    The tourist smiled and said, "Well, that's a nice place. Let me tell you about my place out in Lahore. I can get into my car and start out from one end of my property just as the sun is coming up in the east. I can drive all-day and just as the sun is setting in the west I reach to other end of my ranch. What do you think of that?"

    Santa thought for a second or two, and then said, "I had a car like that once."
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