Crushed Nuts?
    A kid walks into an ice cream store and when he steps up to the counter the owner asks him what he wants.

    The kid just stares and looks around with a glazed expression on his face and doesn't say anything. Finally the owner realizing that this kid isn't all there decides to point to certain items. He points to the vanilla ice cream and asks the boy if he would like vanilla. The boy's body shakes, and then he nods his head and points to the vanilla.

    "Okay," said the owner, "how about a cup for your ice cream?" as he points to the cups.

    The boy shakes some more, nods and points at the cups.

    So the owner goes on..."caramel sauce?"

    The boy again shakes, nods, and points and the jar of caramel sauce.

    "Some whipped cream?"

    Again the boy shakes, nods and points to the whipped cream can.

    "A red cherry on top?" as he points to the cherries in a container.

    The boy shakes, nods, and points at the cherries.

    Finally the owner says, "Crushed nuts?"

    "No, cerebral palsy."
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