The New Wife
    It is a myth that when a son gets married and a new daughter-in-law arrives in the family, everything changes.

    The new wife (progressive Indian woman), was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional manner.

    As expected she gave a speech, "My dear family,I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family, firstly, my being here does not mean that I would want to change your way of life, your routine. No, I will never do that, never in a million years."

    "What do you mean my child?" asked the father-in-law.

    "What I mean dad is (looking at her in-laws); Those who used to wash the dishes must carry on washing them. Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it. Those who cooked should not stop at my account, AND Those who used to clean should continue cleaning !!!

    "And what are you here for Bahurani?" enquired the mother-in-law.

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