Hide-and-Seek Champion

A very large, old, building was being torn down in Chicago to make room for a new skyscraper.

Due to its proximity to other buildings it could not be imploded and had to be dismantled floor by floor. While working on the 49th floor, two construction workers found a skeleton in a small closet behind the elevator shaft. They decided that they should call the police.

When the police arrived they directed them to the closet and showed them the skeleton fully clothed and standing upright. They said this could be somebody really important.

Two days went by and the construction workers couldn't stand it any more, they had to know who they had found.

hey called the police and said, "We are the two guys who found the skeleton in the closet and we want to know who it was?"

The police said, "It's somebody kind of important."

"Well, who was it?"

"The 1956 Polish National Hide-and-Seek Champion."

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