• Exotic Pleasure

    A blonde man tried various methods to satisfy his wife in bed, but failed. He finally went to his best friend whose advice was, "Hire a big strong black man to stand near your bed and wave a huge towel over both of you, while you are having sex. Your wife is sure to have an orgasm."
    So, he hired a strong black man, hopped into bed and made hot love, while the huge guy waved the towel. But, all his efforts were in vain. His wife did not have an orgasm.
    So, the exasperated husband went back to his friend and told him what had happened. He was advised to switch places with the big guy, "Why don`t you wave the towel, while the strong man does the job in bed?"
    He readily agreed to this, saying he would do anything to satisfy his wife. He hired the same guy again and instructed him to trade places. The strong guy made wild, hot, crazy love to his wife, while he stood and waved the towel. Naturally, his wife had a divine orgasm.
    Seeing this, he leaned over to the black guy and proudly said: "You see! That`s how you have to wave the towel."
  • Leggy Fact!

    A blonde had 17 children. After her husband`s death, she remarried and had 15 children. Some time later, the second husband died and a few days later, she expired too.
    The priest looked at her dead body and said: "Finally they are together."
    A guy seated near the dead body curiously asked: "Priest, you are referring to her and the first husband or the second one?"
    At this, the priest innocently replied: "I am referring to her legs!"
  • Obedient Sisters!

    Three blonde sisters got married on the same day. Since, they could not afford to go on a honeymoon, they stayed home. That night, the mother couldn`t sleep. She heard her oldest daughter screaming, while her second daughter laughed all through the night. However, there was silence in her youngest daughter`s room.
    So, the next morning when the men left, intrigued, she asked her oldest daughter: "Why were you screaming last night?"
    The reply was, "Mom, you always told me if something hurt I should scream."
    She then looked at her second daughter and asked: "Why were you laughing last night?"
    "Mom, you always said that if something tickled, you should laugh," was the answer.
    She now asked her youngest daughter, "Why was it so quiet in your room last night?"
    "Mom, you always told me I should never talk with my mouth full," came the answer.
  • Baby blonde !

    John went to his friend`s house unannounced, and he wanted to spend the night.
    His friend was sorry that he could not offer him a whole room, so he said, "You can sleep on the floor in the living room, or you can sleep in the room with Baby."
    John said that he would prefer the floor. The next morning he went to the bathroom, and there he met a gorgeous young blond.
    "Hi," he said, "who are you?"
    "I`m Baby, and who are you?"
    "I`m stupid," he said.