• The Wash Cloth

    There was a little boy whose mother was about to have a baby. One day, the little boy walked in and saw his mother naked. He asked his mother what the hair between her legs was.

    She responded, "It's my wash cloth."

    Weeks later, after the mother had her baby, the young boy walked in on his mother again. While she was in the hospital, the doctor had shaved her pubic hair.

    The boy asked, "What happened to your wash cloth?"

    The mother responded, "I lost it."

    The little boy, trying to be helpful, set out to find his mother's washcloth.

    A few days later, he ran to his mother yelling and screaming, "I found your washcloth."

    The mother, thinking that the child was just playing, went along with the boy and asked, "Where did you find it?"

    The boy answered, "The maid has it! She is washing daddy's face with it."
  • Wow, It's Dark Here!

    A small boy is wandering in a hotel, and hearing some noises decides to open a door. He says "Wow, it's dark here!"

    You can imagine that there's a man with a woman in bed in that room... The man asks, "What do you want? Here's a pound, leave us alone."

    A bit latter, the boy goes back again, opens the door, and says: "Wow, it's dark here!"

    "Not you again! Here, take this and go buy yourself something." And the boy goes out with 2 pounds.

    The following morning, the boy feels some remorse, and tells what happened to his mother. She says: "That's wrong. You should go to the church, and confess yourself."

    So there he goes. Entering the booth, he says: "Wow, it's dark here!"

    To which the priest says: "Not you again, are you following me around?"
  • Cow Breeding

    Little Johnny's father had a brown cow and a white cow and he wanted to get them bred, so he borrowed his neighbor's bull and turned it loose in the pasture. He told Johnny to watch and come in and tell him when the bull was finished.

    "Yeah daddy," said little Johnny.

    After a while little Johnny came into the living room where his father was talking with some friends.

    "Say, Pop," said little Johnny. "Yes," replied his father. "The bull just fucked the brown cow."

    There was a sudden lull in the conversation. The father said "Excuse me" and took little Johnny outside.

    "Son, you mustn't use language like that in front of company. You should say 'The bull surprised the brown cow'. Now go and watch and tell me when the bull surprises the white cow."

    The father went back inside the house.

    After a while little Johnny came in and said, "Hey, Dad." "Yes, son. Did the bull surprise the white cow?"

    "He sure did, Pop! He fucked the brown cow again!"
  • 'Porky' The Dog

    Six year old Debra was walking her dog when she passed the temple where she and her family attended services.

    As she approached her Rabbi came out the temple door and said, "Shalom Debra, I see the tooth fairy visited you again."

    "Yes Rabbi, and she left me a dollar under my pillow." said the six year politely. She then said, "Rabbi have you met my dog Porky?"

    The old Rabbi chuckled. "I'll bet a nickel I can guess why you call him Porky."

    She shook her head, "I'll bet you can't."

    He laughed and said, "You called him Porky because he's so big and fat."

    Debra shook her head. "No Rabbi, we call him that because he fucks pigs."