• Add A Dick To Me

    A medical student just finished her last semester and was heading out to apply to a hospital. The director of the hospital thought the woman was very bright and had a lot of potential. But the doctor wanted to ask her a few questions just to quiz her.

    "Well." said the doctor, "you seem very qualified. But a few questions before we make anything definite, ok?"

    "Of course," said the woman.

    "Ok, what do we call the operation of removing your tonsils?" asked the director.

    "That's easy," the woman said, "A tonsillectomy."

    "Very good. Ok, What is the removal of your appendix called?" the director continued.

    "I believe that is an appendectomy," the woman said confidently.

    "Good job. One more. What do we call a sex change operation?" the director asked.

    Now the woman was very intelligent and she learned every medical term known to man, but for some reason she could not remember what a sex change operation was called. She sat staring at the wall for some time before the director began to get anxious.

    "Do you know?" he asked repeatedly.

    Regaining her composure she finally smiled and said, "Of course, that would be addadictome."
  • Time To Deliver

    The head nurse was nearing retirement, she had seen just about everything come through the hospital's labor and delivery unit and always remained calm and unruffled.

    An eighteen-year-old in labor was having a lot of pain, writhing on the bed, fighting her contractions, swearing, and refusing to consider epidural analgesia.

    Streams of obscenities erupted from her room and the girl yelled... FUCK... FUCK... right into the nurse's face.

    With absolute calm, the nurse patted the girl's arm and said, "You've already done that part. Now it's time to have the baby."
  • Cock-eyed!!!

    A young woman visited her eye doctor complaining of failing eyesight. The doctor sat her in front of a standard eye chart.

    Doctor: Can you read the bottom line?

    Girl: No.

    Doctor: Can you read the center line?

    Girl: No.

    Doctor: Can you read the large top line?

    Girl: No.

    Doctor: Can you even see the chart?

    Girl: No.

    The doctor is clearly frustrated and whips his penis out of his pants. Can you see this?

    Girl: Of course!

    Doctor: Well, there's your problem - you're cock-eyed!
  • Finger His Prick!!!

    The nurse at the Pathology Clinic was getting a bit beyond it. She was approaching retirement and was continually getting things mixed up.

    One day, a young man came to the laboratory for a blood test. After a few minutes, the pathologist looked in on the nurse and his patient. There she was, rapidly stroking the very happy young man's firm erection.

    "Good God, NO!" shouted the pathologist. "Stop it at once! I said, 'Prick his Finger'."