• Force-feeding!

    George has an operation on his neck, so he has to be force-fed through his ass.
    At mealtime, the nurse rolls in a big feeding machine, attaches one end of a tube to the machine, and shoves the other end far up George's ass.
    After a few days of the force-feeding, George says, "Hey, nurse, have you got another one of those machines here at the hospital?"
    She says, "Yes, of course. Why?"
    George says, "I want you to have dinner with me tomorrow."
  • Engine overhauling!

    The gynaecologist thought it would be a good idea to expand his skills in the field of car maintenance and enrolled for a course to be trained as a mechanic. After completing the course, everyone had to take a practical exam.
    When the exam results were posted, the other students were very upset to see that the gynaecologist had scored 150% on the practical exam.
    The examiner was called in to explain the outrageous mark.
    "Well sir, I did not know what else I could have given him. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone do a complete engine overhaul through the exhaust."
  • Blood transfusion!

    The victim of an awful automobile accident was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, and the emergency nurse was ordered to prepare the body for the undertaker. Removing his clothes, she discovered that the young man had died with the most massive erection she had ever seen.
    Unable to take her eyes off it, she finally yielded to temptation, took off her panties, straddled the stiff and proceeded to enjoy herself.
    She was just getting down from the table when a second nurse came in and saw her and promptly reprimanded her for her obscene behavior.
    "What's the harm?" shot back the first nurse. "I enjoyed it, and HE surely didn't mind it. Besides, he can't complain and I can't get pregnant. Why don't YOU give it a try too?"
    "Oh, I can't possibly," said the second nurse, blushing. "First, he's dead and second, I've got my period. Anyway, listen, the doctor wants you."
    And so the first nurse left. The second nurse got to work, but soon found herself terribly excited by this massive hard-on and finally climbed on top of it. Just as she was starting to cum, she was astonished to feel the man climax too!
    Looking down and seeing his eyelids starting to flutter, she exclaimed in shock, "I thought you were dead!"
    "Lady, I thought I was too," said the man, "until you gave me that blood transfusion."
  • Normal sex life!

    When the surgeon came to see his young patient on the day after her operation, Jennifer was slightly embarrassed.
    So, the doctor asked "What's wrong?"
    "Well this is a bit embarassing for me," she replied, "but just how long will it be before I can resume my normal sex life?"
    "Uh..." stammered the doctor, as he thought pensively. "Uh, I hadn't really thought about it. You're the first patient to ever ask me that after a tonsillectomy."