• WTF Happened Last Night?

    A wealthy socialite had a night out on the town with her friends. She awoke the next morning, totally naked and with a monster of a hang-over. So she rang for the butler and asked for a cup of strong black coffee.

    "Jeeves," she said, "I can't remember a thing about last night. How did I get to bed?"

    "Well Madam, I carried you upstairs and put you to bed."

    "But my dress?"

    "It seemed a pity to crumple it, so I took it off and hung it up."

    "But what about my underwear?"

    "I thought the elastic might stop the circulation, so I took the liberty of removing them."

    "What a night!" she said. "I must have been tight!"

    "Only the first time, Madam."
  • Your Boobs Are Popping Out

    The nurse was walking down the hospital corridor when her supervisor spotted her. The supervisor couldn't believe it:

    The nurses hair was unkempt, her dress wrinkled, and to top off her overall dishevelment, one of her twins was hanging out of the open front of her uniform!

    "MISS JENNINGS! How can you account for parading around the hospital not only looking like a derelict, but with your breast exposed!"

    "Oh," said the nurse, as she stuffed it into her uniform, "It's those darn interns! They NEVER put anything back when they're through using it!"
  • A Good Licker!

    One girl was telling a friend over lunch that she had given all her beaus pet names that also served as a secret reminder of their sexual talents.

    As luck would have it, one passed by, and she called out, "Hey, Johnny Walker. How's it going baby?"

    Her friend said, "Say. I happen to know that fellow, and his name is not Johnny Walker at all. Johnny Walker is a liquor."

    "Dammmmnnnn!!! You've broken my code that quickly." said the girl.
  • Naked Ride

    Liana was a beautiful girl. As she was walking through the woods on a hot summers day, the heat became too much for her and she decided to go for a swim. She took off all her clothes, piled them neatly on the side of the riverbank and dove in.

    A couple of young boys came along and decided to steal her clothes.

    Having gotten out of the water and discovered her clothes had been stolen, Liana decided to go to the roadside and hitch a ride home.

    Along came Steve, riding a bicycle. He stopped for Liana, "Come," he said, "I'll ride you into town."

    She jumped on his bicycle and rode in front of him.

    Steve said nothing, but after ten minutes Liana was so overwhelmed at how calm he was that she said, "Tell me, haven't you noticed that I'm completely naked?"

    "Sure," said Steve. "Haven't you noticed that you're riding on a girls bike?"