• Old Friends!

    A couple had been divorced for about 6 months, but still remained good friends. This worked out pretty good since the both lived in the same apartment building. One day he slipped and broke his arm.

    Later he met his ex-wife in the elevator and she asked if there was anything she could do to help.

    He responded, "Well yes, if it's not to much trouble, could you help me take a bath?"

    She readily agreed and soon after she began washing him she saw a gradual erection began to appear.

    "Look John", she exclaimed happily "It still recognizes me!!!"
  • Cost of Infidelity

    Nina, Jill and Mary were duly impressed when Rosey arrived for their weekly bridge game, wearing a gorgeous new mink coat.

    "That's a lovely mink, Rosey," purred Nina "It must have cost you a fortune!"

    "But it didn't," said Rosey.

    "What do you mean it didn't," asked Mary.

    "Just a single piece of arse," replied Rosey. "You mean," continued Jill, "you got that just for having sex with your husband?"

    "No," smiled Rosey, "THE piece of arse he got from his new secretary."
  • Everybody Up!

    "Doc, I can't sleep anymore," the man complained. "I've tried everything, but I just toss and turn."

    "You have to learn to relax," the doctor said. "Try putting each part of your body to sleep separately."

    That night the guy crawled into bed, got comfortable and started to talk to his body.

    "Toes, go to sleep," he whispered. "Feet, go to sleep. Legs, go to sleep. Hips, go to sleep. Stomach, go to sleep"

    Just then his wife walked in wearing a transparent teddy.

    Her husband opened one eye, then lifted his head from the pillow.

    "OK," he shouted, "up, up... everybody up!"
  • When Did You Last Have Sex and Where?

    A husband and wife were on a TV contest. All that was required of them was to answer the same five questions the same way and they win a week long cruise. With his wife in the soundproof booth, the husband went first.

    His first question was, "What did your wife wear on your first date?"

    He answered, "A red dress."

    The second was, "Where did you go on your first anniversary for a meal?"

    He answered, "Red Lobster."

    The third question,: "What was the color of your first car you bought as a couple?"

    He was relieved that he new the answer, "Red," he said smugly.

    His forth question, "WHEN was the last time you two had sex?"

    That, he was proud to answer, "Today! It was this morning, before I left for work."

    His last question, "WHERE was the last place you two had sex?"

    With a chuckle, "On the kitchen table after breakfast," he said with a great cheesy grin.

    Now it was the wife's turn. She answered the first three questions without hesitation. The forth question kind of threw her.

    She was sheepish to say, "This morning?"

    The fifth and last question of... "WHERE did you last have sex?" produced silence a great red blush on her face.

    "This is for a nice trip, just one more correct answer is all we need" said the presenter.

    "No way! My parents are watching."

    "So what? This is for that cruise that you said you always wanted to go on," begged the presenter.

    The studio audience are laughing their heads off.

    "Come on Honey. Just tell them where. Please!" begged her husband. "

    All right!" she said. After a long pause she finally answered... "In the ASS."