• Honeymoon Couples!

    Three couples marry and stay at the same hotel for their honeymoons, where they are taken care of by Dave the bellboy.

    The first man married a nurse. Dave thinks to himself, "Nurses are known to be hot."

    The second man married a telephone operator. Dave thinks to himself, "Telephone operators have sexy voices."

    The third man married a school teacher. Dave thinks to himself, "Poor guy, teachers are too strict."

    The next morning, Dave reports to work and gets a room service call from the nurse's husband.

    He sourly says, "Don't ever marry a nurse. All I heard last night was 'You're not sanitary, you're not sanitary.'"

    Then, the telephone operator's husband calls and sourly says, "Don't ever marry a telephone operator. All I heard last night was 'Your three minutes are up, your three minutes are up.'"

    Later that afternoon, the teacher's husband calls and happily says, "When you marry, be sure to marry a school teacher. All I heard last night was 'We are going to do this over and over until we get it right.'"
  • Hats off to all MEN

    If sex without wife's consent is rape...
    Then by this logic:
    Spending husband's money by the wife without his consent is a breach of trust - 406.
    Taking money from his wallet is a theft - 379.
    Forcefully taking out money with assault, from his possession is a robbery - 392.
    Taking out money With a threat to do somthing is a extortion - 382 & 506.
    Phir Bhi Ye Masoom Aur Mazloom AADMI Kuch Nahi Kehta Bas SEHTA Hai.

    Hats off to all MEN.
  • Newlyweds!!

    The four newlyweds spent their honeymoon at the Niagara Falls. They occupied adjoining rooms, sat at the same table, and were inseparable.

    One evening after dinner as they were returning to their rooms, there was lightning and the lights went off. It was pitch dark, and groping their way they made it to their rooms, and quietly undressed.

    Jack a religious fellow knelt to pray. Just as he completed his prayer, the lights came on and that's when he saw that he was with his friend's wife. He jumped up and dashed for the door.

    "Too late to hurry now," said the girl, "Joe never prays!"
  • Surprise Blowjob

    This guy comes back home from work to find his wife has left him a note "Off to the grocery store!"

    He hasn't been *getting any* from her, so he decides this is his chance and goes to the video store to rent a porn flick. He puts the video in, and starts masturbating.

    He's about to climax when all of a sudden his wife comes in, drops her grocery bags, runs over and gives him the blowjob of his life. Then she collects all the bags and goes to the kitchen.

    The guy is sitting there, stunned, amazed at what just happened. After a couple of minutes he regroups and goes to the kitchen where he finds his wife chopping tomatoes.

    He asks her, "We haven't had sex for over five years and all of a sudden you come in..... what happened?!"

    To which his wife replied, "I just cleaned the carpet this morning. I would rather go brush my teeth than to have to clean the carpet again."