• The Actress & Her Agent

    The agent for a beautiful actress discovered one day that she had been selling her body at a hundred pounds a night.

    The agent, who had long lusted for her, hadn't dreamed that she had been so easily obtainable. He approached her, told her how much she turned him on, and how much he wanted to make it with her.

    She agreed to spend the night with him, but said he would have to pay her the same hundred pounds that the other customers did. He scratched his head, considered it, and then asked, "Don't I even get my agent's ten percent as a deduction?"

    "No siree," she said. "If you want it, you're going to have to pay full price for it, just like the other clients."

    The agent didn't like that at all, but he agreed.

    That night, she came to his apartment after her performance at a local night club. The agent did her at midnight, after turning out all the lights.

    At 1 A.M., she was awakened again. Again she was vigorously done. In a little while, she was awakened again, and again she was made love to again. The actress was impressed with her lover's vitality.

    "My goodness," she whispered in the dark, "you are so virile. I never realized how lucky I was to have you for my agent."

    "I'm not your agent, lady," a strange voice answered. "He's at the darn door selling tickets."
  • Jignesh Ki Kahani

    Jignesh Ka Janam 7 July 1977 Ko Subah 7 Baje Hua.

    Vo 7 Hi Bhai Bahan The, Aur Makaan Ka Number Bhi Unka 7 Hi Tha.

    Class Me Bhi Hamesha Vo Saatvein Number Par Hi Aata Tha, Usne Bahut Mehnat Kar Ke 7 Ghar Banaye, 7 Shaadiya Ki Aur Uske 7 Hi Bachche Hue.

    Itne Sare Paise Kamaye Ki Sahar Ka 7va Number Ka Amir Aadmi Ban Gaya.

    Usko Ek Bahut Bade Jyotish Ne Bataya Hua Tha Ki Uske Liye 7 Number Bahut Hi Lucky Hai.

    Ek Baar Vo Samunder Ke Kinare Ghum Raha Tha To Usne Samne Dekha Ki Ek Ladki Bilkul Nangi Jhuki Hui Hai. Aur Uske Pichwade Ke Dono Side Pe 7 Likha Hua Hai.

    Jignesh Ne Ye Dekha Aur Usne Socha Ki Ye Bhi Bhagwan Ji Ka Koi Ishara Hai Mere Lucky Number Ki Taraf.

    Usne Kya Kiya Apni Aaj Tak Ki Kamayi Ek Ek Cheez Bech Ke Sare Paise Lottery Ke 77 Number Pe Laga Diye.

    Aur Jab Lottery Nikli To Jignesh Ke To Dekh Ke Tatte Short Ho Gaye... Kyunki Jis Number Pe Lottery Lagi Thi Vo Number Tha......

    Umeed Hai Ye Sidha Sadha Joke Aap Logo Ko Samajh Aa Gaya Hoga...
  • Sex Education!

    Antonio came home from school one day and walked into the kitchen. His grandma asked him, "Antonio, what did you learn in school today?"

    Antonio replied, "Well, we learned about penises, and vaginas, and sexual intercourse, and masturbation."

    Grandma hauled off and slapped Antonio, hard. He ran up to his room, crying. Antonio's mother walked in and cried, "Ma! Why did you go and hit Antonio!?"

    Grandma replied, "Well, I asked him what he learned in school today. He started talking about sex, and penises, and masturbation!"

    Antonio's mother said, "Ma! That's what they learn. It's called sex education!"

    Well, Grandma felt bad about hitting Antonio, so she went upstairs to apologize. When she opened his bedroom door she found him on his bed masturbating. Without a blink, she said, "Antonio, when you're finished with your homework, come downstairs and talk to me."
  • Who Came First, Adam or Eve?

    There was a schoolteacher in the little old school which was teaching sex ed. The class was comprised of only 8 students, due to the size of the school.

    One of the little girls there asked, "According to the Bible, it says that Adam came first, then Eve."

    The teacher replied, "Yes, dear, that is true, according to the Word Of God."

    The girl responded, "Daddy always told me it is Ladies before Gentlemen. Didn't that rule apply during the Creation time?"

    Our teacher gets a smile on her face... she said, "Dearie, Adam came first - trust me! And every man since him came first, too!"