• Frequency of Intercourse

    A noted sex therapist realized that people often lie about the frequency of their encounters, so he devised a test to tell for certain how often someone had sex.

    To prove his theory, he filled up an auditorium with people, and went down the line asking each person to smile. Using the size of the person's smile, the therapist was able to guess accurately how often each person had sex.

    The last man in line was grinning from ear to ear.

    "Twice a day," the therapist guessed, but was surprised when the man said No.

    "Once a day, then?"

    Again the answer was No.

    "Twice a week?"


    "Twice a month?"


    When finally the doctor asked, "Once a year?"

    The man finally said Yes.

    The therapist was angry that his theory hadn't worked with this individual, and he asked the man, "What the heck are you so happy about?"

    The man answered, "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT!"
  • Stomping on Bugs

    One day, Little Johnny, was outside in the backyard stomping on honeybees.

    When his father came out and saw what the little boy was doing, he made him stop right away and told the little boy, "That's it for you. No honey for a week."

    Then Little Johnny went to the front yard of the house and started stomping on butterflies.

    When his father saw what he was doing, his father made him stop right away and said, "Stomping on butterflies is a terrible thing to do. Just for that, no butter for a week."

    After that, Little Johnny and his father went into the kitchen and saw Little Johnny's mother stomping on cockroaches.

    Little Johnny turned to his father and said, "Should I tell her or should you?"
  • How Do You Do?

    Pappu Ki Girl-Friend Bade Dino Bad Facebook Pe Usse Chat Kar Rahi Thi.

    Girlfriend: How Do You Do?

    Pappu: Wahi Apna Purana Aur Favourite Style, Taango Ko Kandhe Pe Rakhke,
    Ghacha- Ghach,
    Ghacha- Ghach,
    Ghacha- Ghach,
    Ghacha- Ghach,
    Ghacha- Ghach,

    Girlfriend: Abe Saley Kutte, Tharki, Hawas Ke Pujari, Sex Ke Bhukhe.... Main Puch Rahi Thi Kaisa Hai?

    Pappu: Tu Toh Aise Puch Rahi Hai Jaise Tune Kabhi Dekha Hi Na Ho.... Kaala Aur Lamba Hai.

    Girlfriend: Bas Kar Saley! Tera Kuch Nahin Ho Sakta.

  • Never Steal Someone's Parking Space

    John decided to visit his friend, Dave,who had just moved into a new high-rise apartment building.

    As he parked his car and got out, he heard a woman's voice say, "Hi there, big boy."

    Looking up, he saw a gorgeous lady-dressed in a shear negligee, leaning over the railing.

    "Come on up and see me," she purred.

    John wasn't about to pass up an opportunity like that! He took the elevator to the fifth floor, and as he got off-an apartment door opened and the sexy lady beckoned him toward her. John walked over to the open door.

    "I've been waiting for someone like you," the lady said as she slowly unzipped his pants. John's pecker rose swiftly to the occasion, and the lady took it into her hand.

    Then she gave it a sharp whack with her other hand!

    John jumped back in alarm.

    "What the hell did you do that for?" he cried.

    She answered, "That'll teach you to take my parking spot."