• Parsi Joke

    Three Parsi bachleors named Adi, Pesi, Soli ... they were best of friends.

    Adi gets married to a beautiful Fataakri ...

    Every night Pesi and Soli hear a voice from Adi's room ... they hear his wife saying, "Adi Pesi Soli, Adi Pesi Soli, Adi Pesi Soli...."

    To this, Pesi and Soli both get very curious to know why she calls their names every night.

    Pesi and Soli ask Adi one day, "Aai Su Lagaryuch, Taari Bairi Roj Raatnaa Aapraa Trann Janaa Naa Naam Kaai Leyaa Karech???"

    To which Adi replies, "Arrey Chutiyao, Aeh Tamara Naam Nathi Leti..... Aeh Toh Aem Bolech "Adi Press it Slowly!!! Adi Press it Slowly !!!! Adi Press it Slowly!!!!!!!"
  • Old Gynecologist

    One woman says to another, "I can't understand why you haven't gone to see that new gynecologist yet!"

    "My gynecologist is fine. I don't need to change."

    "But the new one's so young and handsome. While your gynecologist is so old!"

    The other woman replies with a smile, "Yeah, I know. His hands shake all the time!"
  • Wrong Signal

    Mum is working in the kitchen when Dad enters for the first time in the mood in years.

    "Mum... get into bed," he says.

    She takes off her apron, puts all the ingredients and utensils away, washes her hands, takes off her undies gets on the bed, but all too late. Dad has withered away.

    "Yer know Mum... we can't 'ave this 'appen agin," says Dad. "Next time I git one of these, I'll ring the firebell so you start gittin' ready when youse hears it. When I git to the house with it, we'll be right to go."

    Months go by. Mum's in the kitchen, when suddenly she hears the firebell. She goes through all the preparations real quick!

    Dad comes pounding into the house in his big boots, through the kitchen, into the bedroom where Mum lies waiting for him, legs wide apart, feet in the air.

    He looks at her and says, "Get up, yer silly old oversexed cow... the bloody barn's on fire!"
  • The Golf Hunter

    The mistress of an English manor had just hired a new house maid, an Irish lass, straight out of the country.

    The first day she was dusting in the Smoking room where the Master of the house sat reading. On the mantel, she saw and dusted a small bowl containing a couple of small round white balls. She, being curious and not bashful, asked, "What are these?"

    He looked up, saw where she was pointing, and answered, "Golf balls."

    She said, "OH!", and went on dusting.

    A few days later, she was dusting again in the same room, where the master was again reading. Again, in the same bowl were small white balls, only now there were four.

    She said, "I see you shot another Golf."