• Ajeeb Si Bechaini

    Ek Bahut Hi Khubsoorat Ladki Doctor Ke Paas Gayi Aur Boli: Doctor Sahab Mere Ko Ajeeb Si Beemari Hai.

    Doctor: Kya?

    Ladki: Main Jab Bhi Cigrette Peeti Hoon Toh Ajeeb Bechaini Si Hoti Hai. Main Pehla Kash Leti Hoon Toh Apne Shoes Utar Deti Hoon. Doosre Kash Mein Socks. Teesre Kash Mein Shirt Utar Deti Hoon Aur... Isi Tarah Har Kash Ke Saath Kuch Na Kuch Utaar Deti Hun Au Cigarette Khatam Hone Tak Mein Bilkul Ya Almost Nude Hoti Hun. Isi Vajah Se Mein Bahar Kahin Parties Mein, Ya Apne Friends Ke Saath Cigarette Nahin Pee Sakti.

    Docto: Main Nahin Manta Aisi Phaltu Ki Bakwaaas... Aisa Kabhi Hota Hai Kya?

    Ladki: Aap Mera Vishwas Karo Doctor Saab, Mein Ekdum Sach Bol Rahi Hun.

    Doctor Bola: Mujhe Kuch Samajh Nahi Aa Raha. Ek Kaam Karo Ye Lo Cigarette, Aaram Se Piyo Aur Phir Se Apni Problem Batao.
  • Maldives Honeymoon

    Troy, at the advance age of 72, got married and the marriage was the talk of the town. More so, because his bride was only 23. They checked into a beach resort in the Maldives for their honeymoon and the resort was abuzz with gossip.

    Next morning, Troy walks into the resort's dining area looking ever so fresh. He ordered a big breakfast and joked with everyone. When his young bride walked into the dining hall after some time, she looked pale and tired. She ordered some tea and that's all she had. She hardly spoke to anyone.

    Old Troy left the dining room, and the waitress, not wanting to miss the opportunity asked her, "The old man looks so refreshed while you look so fatigued. Is everything all right?`

    The young girl said, "This man took me for a ride. Before our wedding, he told me he had saved up for 40 years. You can't blame me for thinking it was money he meant."
  • Poke Less!

    Isn't it amazing that our body parts reminds us how to live?

    We have 2 eyes and 1 tongue, means we need to look twice and speak once.

    We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so we need to listen more talk less.

    We have 2 hands and 1 stomach, means work twice as much as we eat.

    We have two major brain parts, left & right, and one heart, so we can think twice, but trust only once.

    Besides we have 2 balls and 1 tool which means we should scratch more and poke less.
  • Smart Marketing

    Dear Mr. Jones:

    We noticed you've not picked up any condoms at SpiffyMart recently. (Your last purchase was 8 weeks ago.) Further, you have stopped buying feminine hygiene products, but have sharply increased your frozen pizza and dinners usage in the same time frame.

    It's clear that Ms. Jody Sanders has dumped you. (It's probably for the best - we knew she was a loser from that cheap shampoo she buys.) We confirmed this with the Post Office database - yep, she filed a change of address.

    We at Horny International offer our condolences. As the number-one vender of hot X-rated videos, we'd like to help you out in this time of stress. If you're feeling lonely, check out our catalog of DVDs.

    Order now and we throw in an extra DVD free!

    Yours Truly,
    Sleazy Jerk, Marketing Manager.