• Are you a Lawyer?

    A man goes into a bar, he's really pissed off. He sits down and orders a beer.

    "What's wrong?" The barman asks him.

    "Lawyers are assholes!" he exclaims.

    A huge redneck sitting next to him gets up, prods him on the shoulder and slurs, "Mister, ah take exception to that!"

    Looking him up-and-down the man is confused. "Why? Are you a Lawyer?" he asks.

    "Nope!" replies the redneck. "I'm an asshole!"
  • Bas Kar Khan

    Ek Pathan Ke 3 Bachche Hue, Usne Unke Naam Rakhe:
    1) Hasrat Khan
    2) Harkat Khan
    3) Barkat Khan

    2 Saal Baad Uske Yahan Phir 3 Bachche Hue, Usne Is Baar Unke Naam Rakhe:
    1) Dariya Khan
    2) Samandar Khan
    3) Sailaab Khan

    Next Time Phir Se 3 Bachche Hue Aur Is Baar Naam The:
    1) Himmat Khan
    2) Housla Khan
    3) Bardasht Khan

    Har Baar Ki Tarah Jab Is Baar Bhi Uske Yahan 3 Bachche Hue Toh Is Baar Naam Biwi Ne Rakhe:
    1) Bas Kar Khan
    2) Sharam Kar Khan
    3) Reham Kar Khan.....
  • The Coffin Maker

    A man who makes coffin was on his way to deliver one of his coffins when his car broke down.

    Trying not to be late he put the coffin on his head and began heading to his destination.

    Some policemen saw him & wanted to make some money off him so they challenged him, "Hey, what are you carrying and where are you going?"

    The man said, "I do not like where I was buried so I am relocating!!!"
  • Short but Hilarious

    Boy: I Love You!
    Girl: Agar Main Bhi Ttumse I Love You Kahun Toh??
    Boy: Main Toh Khushi Se Marrr Jaaunga.
    Girl: Jaa Pagle, Nahi Kehti... JEE Le Apni Zindagi...

    Boy: Tum Ladki Ho Ke Sharaab Peeti Ho???
    Awesome reply by girl: Toh Kya 2-4 Peg Ke Liye Gender Change Karwaun ???

    Operation Ke Baad Patient Bola: Doctor Sahab! Kya Ab Main ROG MUKT Hun?
    Samne Se Jawab Mila: Beta! Doctor Sahab Toh Dharti Par Rah Gaye, Main Toh CHITR GUPT Hun!!!

    Police: Aapke Ghar Kee Talaashi Leni Hai !
    Santa: Kyon ?
    Police: Khabar Mili hai Ki Aapne Ek Khatarnaak Aatankwadi Ko apne Ghar Mein Rakhaa Hua Hai !
    Santa: Khabar Toh Ekdum Pakki Hai Inspector Saab... Par Aajkal woh Maayke Gayi Hui Hai !!!