• Ponderism!

    1: Notice at Church
    Do not leave your mobile, purses, wallets, hand-bags, girlfriends unattended; others may think it is an answer to their prayers.

    2: Who is a Psychiatrist?
    Is a qualified person who gives you an expensive and critical analysis about yourself, to which your spouse also gives it to you for free & daily too!

    3: Scotch is a brilliant Invention.
    One double and you start feeling single again.

    4: Global recession and financial crisis have become so critical and serious now-a-days that...
    The majority of men have started loving their own wives!
  • The Story of EYES!

    Do you know the relation between two eyes...???
    They never see each other... BUT

    1. They blink together.
    2. They move together.
    3. They cry together.
    4. They see together.
    5. They sleep together.
    They share a very deep bonded relationship...

    However, when they see a pretty woman, one will blink and another will not...

    Moral of the story: A pretty woman can break any relationship...
  • Essay on Duck

    I like duck. Duck lives in water. I also drink water. My neighbour uncle drink alcohol. Alcohol is very bad. It was told by Gandhiji. He was a good person. He had one stick. Stick swim in water. Duck also swim in water.
    Duck take bath in water. Me too take bath in water. I take bath only in 5 mins but duck take bath full day. That is why duck is so white...
    I like duck so much because I love drinking milk... Milk is white in colour and blue is my favourite colour... Holi is festival of colours...

    Moral of the story: WhatsApp is free. Send Anything !! People still read it...!

    Coming soon... An essay on Fish.
  • Knee Pain Remedy for Women!!!

    Banta: Bhai Santa ! Tumhari Biwi Ka Ghutne Ka Dard Theek Hua Yaa Nahi ?

    Santa: Haan Yaar Doctor Ko Dikhaate Hee Theek Ho Gaya !

    Banta (Hairani se): Achchha ! Kaunsi Dawa Se ?

    Santa: Dawa Vagaira Kuchh Nahi ! Bas Doctor Ne Bataya Ki Ye Budhaape Kee Nishaani Hai Aur Us Din Ke Baad Phir Usne Dard Kee Shikaayat Hee Nahi Ki !!!