• Believe it or not!

    A boy is watching television and hears the name Jesus Christ and about the good deeds of Jesus Christ and his greatness. Wondering who Jesus Christ is, he asks his mother. She tells him that she is busy and directs him to his father. His father is also busy and so he goes to his elder brother. His brother kicks him out of the room, because he does not have time to answer his stupid questions. Very curious, he goes downtown and sees a bum in an alley.
    He asks the bum, "Who is Jesus Christ?" and the bum replies, "Well, I am."
    The boy, not believing the bum, asks for proof. So the bum takes the boy into the bar down the street and takes him inside. They walk up to the bar and the bartender exclaims, "Jesus Christ, are you in here again?"
  • No second question please...

    The School Inspector asked the class whether he should ask one difficult question, or two simple questions. A clever student told him to ask only one difficult question. The Inspector asked him the place where the first woman was born.
    The boy answered that it was at the Lady Hardinge Hospital, New Delhi.
    "How do you know?" the Inspector asked.
    "No second question, please," the boy triumphantly replied.
  • Suspense Story

    Johnny asked his classmate "Do you know how to keep a foolish person in suspense."
    "No, you tell me."
    "I ll tell you some other day."
  • Small time thief!

    A boy was caught stealing a watch from a shop. He was taken to a police station and put in a lock-up.
    A hardened criminal lodged there showed some sympathy and said, "You are wasting time on small items. Why don`t you rob a bank?"
    The boy replied, "By the time I leave school, all banks are closed."