• Wasting Indians

    When God created the world, he could not help boasting to Brahma of the special favours he had bestowed on India. "I gave it the highest mountains and the broadest rivers in the world; I gave it coal, gold and diamond mines. I gave it the best of everything."
    "Was it fair to give one country so much wealth ?" asked Brahma.
    "You should see the kind of people I put in India. They will waste everything I gave them."
  • Indo-Pak war!

    One taxi driver in Lahore to another, "Did you hear that the Pakistan government bought a thousand septic tanks?"

    The other driver replied, "Yes, and as soon as they learn to drive them, they`re going to invade India."
  • Made in India

    At a World Conference, the heads of States of all countries were boasting about their technical know-how. So they all decided that to prove their boasts, each country should show an engineering feat to the world.
    In a few days, the U.S.A made a hollow tube of fiberglass, a millimeter in diameter. It was then sent to the Russia. They put a conducting wire in the tube. The Japanese, to prove their superiority, bored a hole through the wore.
    Finally, it was sent to India. It came back without any apparent change.
    "Well, what have you done?" asked everybody.
    "Look here," said the Indian, putting the wire under a microscope. Clearly visible were the words "Made in India."
  • The saviour?

    On a rain-soaked night, an infant tumble over the railings of the Howrah bridge and fell into the Hooghly river below. The weather did not prevent hundreds of Calcuttans from flocking over the rails and watching the proceedings, but no one attempted to save the drowning child. At last an old American tourist jumped in to the water and did the saving. Later, when he was being interviewed by the radio and T.V,; complimented on his bravery and asked to say something; he roared at them saying, "Bring forward the rascal who pushed me from behind."