• Money,money,money...

    The wife wanted to do some shopping during the day and so, at breakfast, she asked her husband for a hundred rupees.
    "Money, money, money!" he shouted at the top of his voice. "Every day of the week you want more money. If you ask me, I think you need brains more than you need money."
    "Perhaps so," his wife agreed, "but I asked you for what I thought you had the most of."
  • Only donkey ...

    A man much harassed by his wife took his four-year-old son to a zoo to escape nagging at home. They came to an enclosure where a donkey was grazing. "Papa, what is this animal?" asked the boy.
    "This, son, is an ass."
    The next enclosure had a she donkey. "And what is this?" asked the child.
    "This, son, is the wife of an ass."
    "Papa, do asses also get married?"
    "Haan beta," replied his Sire, "Sirf gadhey hee shaddi kartey hain."(only donkey get married)
  • Repeat performance!

    A young woman had given birth in the elevator of a New Delhi hospital, and was embarrassed about it.
    One of the Doctors, in an effort to console her, said, "Don t feel bad. Why, only two years ago a lady delivered in the front yard of the hospital."
    With that the new mother burst out crying. "I know," she said. "That was me, too."