• My Wife's Last Wish

    A very sick woman on her sick bed said to her husband: Honey if I die, how long would it take you before you marry a another wife...?!

    The man replied: Till your grave becomes dry my love.

    Then she said: Are you promising me this...?

    Husband replied: Of course darling... I promise you.

    And after her demise, her husband began to visit her grave everyday for a period of one year.

    And the grave was always wet, it never became dry...!!!

    And a day came when he visited the graveyard in the evening, he found her brother in the graveyard.

    He then asked him: Jason what are you doing here...?

    He replied: I'm fulfilling the wish of my only sister. She said I should please come here everyday to wet her grave.
  • Never Blame Your Wife

    Girl, to God: I don't want to marry. I am educated, independent and self-sufficient. I don't need a husband. But my parents are asking me to marry. What should I do?

    God: You are my finest creation and undoubtedly will achieve many great things. But some things... inevitably, will not go the way you want. Worst, some things will fail. Whom will you blame? Yourself? No! You need a husband!

    Here's theTWIST

    Boy, to god: But then what will I do. Whom will I blame....?

    God: Your scope is much wider my son. You can blame the govt, the education system, the environment, the slow growth, the fast growth, the economy, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the infra, religions, beliefs and even me..............
  • Behind Every Successful...

    During a company's annual family trip to a crocodile farm in Thailand... the eccentric Boss dared any of his employees to jump into the crocodiles infested pond... and swim to the shore.

    Anyone who survived the swim will be rewarded with 5 million... but if killed by the crocs...2 million will be given to the next of kin.

    For a long period of time no one dared take up the challenge... then suddenly a man jumped in...and swam frantically for his life towards shore pursued by the crocs...and luckily he made it unscathed.

    When he managed to recover his breath... the instant millionaire shouted asking who pushed him into the pond..... it was his wife who did it.!!!

    And from that day...that was how the phrase... "Behind every successful man...there's a woman"...came about !!!
  • Sending A Signal

    A young air force officer had a very beautiful wife. Early each morning he left his house and went to the airport, and an hour later his wife always left the house too, with a big white towel, and went for a walk on the beach.

    Her husband always flew over every morning, and when she saw his aeroplane, she held the white towel high above her head. When her husband saw it, he made either the left wing or the right wing of his aeroplane go down.

    The left wing meant "I will be busy tonight and won't be home." The right wing meant, "In eight hours I will be holding you in my arms."

    One morning he flew over with eight other aeroplanes, and his left wing went down. Before his wife had time to feel sad about this, all the other aeroplanes flew over, and each one of them turned its right wing down.