• Tension Generating Letter

    Which is the most dangerous Alphabet?
    Answer is 'W'.
    All the worries get initiated with 'W'...
    & finally, believe it or not WIFE.

    And the most dangerous question coming from W (wife).
    Woh kaun thi ?

    All the major things a (W)oman needs in her lifetime start with the Letter 'M'?
    Motor Car.
    Last but not the least....the 2 most important......
    Maid & Maaikewaale.
  • Secret of a Happy Marriage!

    A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.

    For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover.

    In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took down the shoe box and took it to his wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls and a stack of money totalling $95,000. He asked her about the contents.

    "When we were to be married," she said, "My grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and crochet a doll."

    The little old man was so moved; he had to fight back tears. Only two Precious dolls were in the box. She had only been angry with him two Times in all those years of living and loving. He almost burst with Happiness.

    "Honey," he said, "that explains the doll, but what about all of this money? Where did it come from?

    "Oh," she said, "that's the money I made from selling the dolls."
  • Change of Mind!

    Mrs. Sullivan and her little daughter Patty were outside the church watching all the comings and goings of a wedding.

    After the photographs had been taken, everyone had driven off to the reception, and all the excitement was over.

    Patty asked her mother, "Why did the bride change her mind, Mommy?"

    "What do you mean, change her mind?" asked Mrs. Sullivan.

    "Well`, said the child, "she went into the church with one man and came out with another!"
  • Lamaze Class

    A couple just started their Lamaze class and they were given an activity requiring the husband to wear a bag of sand to give him an idea of what it feels like to be pregnant.

    The husband stood up and shrugged saying, "This doesn't feel so bad."

    The instructor then dropped a pen and asked the husband to pick it up.

    "You want me to pick up the pen as if I were pregnant, the way my wife would do it?" the husband asked.

    "Exactly," replied the instructor.

    To the delight of the other husbands, he turned to his wife and said, "Honey, pick up that pen for me."