• The Easier Way

    "So let me get this straight," the prosecutor says to the defendant. "You came home from work early and found your wife in bed with a strange man."

    "That's correct," replies the defendant.

    "Upon which," continues the prosecutor, "you took out a pistol and shot your wife, killing her."

    "That's correct," replies the defendant.

    "Then my question to you is," demands the prosecutor, "why did you shoot your wife and not her lover?"

    "It seemed easier," the defendant says, "than shooting a different man every day!"
  • Intelligent Husband!

    Wife is busy packing her clothes.

    Man: And where are you going?

    Wife: I'm moving to my mother.

    Husband also starts packing.

    Wife: And where do you think your going?

    Husband: I'm also moving to my mother.

    Wife: And what about the kids?

    Husband: Well if you are moving to your mother and I'm moving to my mother then I guess they must also move to their mother....
  • Language Problem!

    An Indian girl married a Spanish and went to Spain.

    As he can't speak Spanish. Each time she wanted to buy chicken legs, she would lift her skirt & shows her thighs to enable the seller understand her.

    This went on for sometime, one day she wanted to buy banana.

    She took her husband to the shop... (don't laugh... you perverts...)

    Because her husband can speak Spanish and could ask for banana in Spanish.
  • What's for Dinner Tonight?

    Husband: Aaj khane mein kya banaogi??
    Wife: Jo aap kaho?

    Husband: Dal chawal bana lo.
    Wife: Abhi kal hi to khaye the?

    Husband: Toh sabji roti bana lo?
    Wife: Bacche nahi khayenge?

    Husband: Toh chhole puri bana lo?
    Wife: Mujhe heavy heavy lagta hai?

    Husband: Eggs bhurji bana lo?
    Wife: Aaj guruvaar hai?

    Husband: Paraanthe ??
    Wife: Raat ko paraanthe kaun khata hai???

    Husband: Hotel se mangwa lete hain??
    Wife: Roz roz hotel ka nahi khana chahiye?

    Husband: Kadhi chawal??
    Wife: Dahi nahi hai?

    Husband: Idly sambar??
    Wife: Usme time lagega. Pehle bolna chahiye tha na!!?

    Husband: Maggie hi bana lo, usme time nahi lagega?
    Wife: Woh koi meal thodi hai? Pet nahi bharta?

    Husband: Phir, ab kya banaogi??
    Wife: Jo aap kaho...