• Real Father

    Real Father
    A young man went to his father one day to tell him that he wanted to get married.

    His father was happy for him. He asked his son who the girl was, and he told him that it was Pamela, a girl from the neighborhood.

    With a sad face the old man said to his son, 'I'm sorry to say this son but I have to. The girl you want to marry is your sister, but please don't tell your mother.'

    The young man again brought 3 more names to his father but ended up frustrated cause the response was still the same.

    So he decides to go to his mother.

    'Mama I want to get married but all the girls that I love, dad said they are my sisters and I mustn't tell you.' His mother smiling said to him, 'Don't worry my son, you can marry any of those girls. You're not his son !!
  • Fading Beauty !

    Fading Beauty !
    In a recovery room a man was just waking up from anesthesia after surgery. His wife was sitting by his side holding his hand. His eyelids just opened for a few seconds.

    He looked at his wife as if he was returning from out of body experience, hallowed by bright white light. With a broken smile and in a groggy voice he mumbled at his wife, "You are so beautiful."

    Then he fell asleep and started snoring again waking up other recovering room surgery patients and annoying nurses. His wife had never seen him so ugly and yet so romantic. So she suppressed all her disgust of environment, held his hand tighter and chose to stuck there for a while.

    After a while the man opens his eyelids again but wider and for longer time. He loves the comfort of his wife and says, "You are cute!"

    The wife was disgusted, threw his hand on the bed and demanded an explanation, "It was 'beautiful', last time and how it is 'cute' this time. What happened to my beauty?"

    The man answered, "Honey, I am recovering to reality from the influence of Anesthesia."
  • Very Friendly Friends

    A sailor came home from a secret two year mission at sea only to find his wife with a new born baby. Furious, he was determined to track down the father to extract revenge.

    "Was it my friend Joe ", he demanded.

    "No !" his weeping wife replied.

    "Was it my friend Bob then?" he asked.

    "NO !!!" she said even more upset.

    "Well which one of my no good friends did this then?" he asked.

    "Don't you think I have any friends of my own?" she snapped.
  • Banta's Mule

    A man was traveling down a country road when he saw a large group of people outside a house.

    He stopped and asked a person why the large crowd was there.

    A farmer replied, "Banta's mule kicked his mother-in-law and she died."

    "Well," replied the man, "she must have had a lot of friends."

    "Nope," said the farmer, "we all just want to buy his mule."