• Wedding Proposal

    Mulla Nasruddin was round at his fiancee's home, having a serious talk with her father.

    "Sir, I'd like to marry your daughter," he announced .

    His girl's father looked at him.

    "Have you seen my wife yet?" he asked.

  • Excess of every thing is bad!

    Mulla Nasruddin's family was upset because the girl he was planning to marry was an atheist.

    "We'll not have you marrying an atheist," his mother said.

    "What can I do? I love her," the young Nasruddin said.

    "Well," said his mother, "if she loves you, she will do anything you ask. You should talk religion to her. If you are persistent, you can win her over."

    Several weeks went by, then one morning at breakfast the young Mulla seemed absolutely brokenhearted.

    "What's the matter?" his mother asked. "I thought you were making such good progress in your talks about religion to your young girlfriend."

    "That's the trouble," said Nasruddin. I over did it. Last night she told me that, she was so convinced that she is going to study to be a nun.
  • Reaching Enlightenment!

    Mulla Nasruddin was walking in the bazaar with a large group of followers. Whatever Nasruddin did, his followers immediately copied. Every few steps Nasruddin would stop and shake his hands in the air, touch his feet and jump up yelling "Hu Hu Hu!". So his followers would also stop and do exactly the same thing.

    One of the merchants, who knew Nasreddin, quietly asked him: "What are you doing my old friend? Why are these people imitating you?"

    "I have become a Sufi Sheikh," replied Nasreddin. "These are my Murids (spiritual seekers), I am helping them reach enlightenment!"

    "How do you know when they reach enlightenment?"

    "That's the easy part! Every morning I count them. The ones who have left - have reached enlightenment!"
  • The Perks

    Mulla Nasruddin was applying for a job.

    "Does the company pay for my hospitalization?" he asked.

    "No, you pay for it," the personnel director said. "We take it out of your salary each month."

    "The last place I worked, they paid for it," said the Mulla.

    "That's unusual," the personnel man said. "How much vacation did you get?"

    "Six weeks," replied the Mulla.

    "Did you get a bonus?" the personnel man asked.

    "Yes," said the Mulla. "Not only that, they gave us an annual bonus, sent us a turkey on Thanksgiving, gave us the use of a company car and threw a big barbecue for us each year."

    "Why did you leave?" asked the personnel director.

    "They went busted," said Nasruddin.