• Car N sarkar1

    Banta was the official driver of a minister.
    Once the minister asked him, "Banta let me drive the car today."
    Banta: "Sirji, it is a car and not the sarkar (government) which anyone can drive.
  • Airport Duty!

    Once Santa and Banta got duty at the airport for the assistance to the foregin tourists.
    One traveler asked Banta in Spanish, "Where to find city bus for Connaught Place”, but Banta could not answer since he did knew the language.
    The traveller repeated the same question in French, German, Japnese, and English but Banta couldn`t answer because he didn`t know any of the languages.
    Santa asks Banta, “I asked you to learn atleast one foreign language and it will help you one day.”
    Banta said, “That man learned five languages and couldn`t serve any purpose, then how one language to me would have served any purpose."
  • The Genius MS Santa!

    Microsoft, as usual in short of good software professional, places an ad in all world famous news papers for a single position who would be in charge of their next operating system Windows2000. This becomes scary news as the ad says interview would be conducted by Mr. Bill Gates. Microsoft receives only three applications as the outcome, from an American, Japanese and an Indian (of course you guessed it right, no one other than Santa). They are all invited to Microsoft HQ in Seattle for the interview.
    Bill gates says, "I will ask you only one question and your answer should decide your fate".
    All of them prepared to face Mr. Gates eagerly wait for the question.
    Bill asks, "How do we achieve Windows2000 from Windows98?"
    American & Japanese are puzzled and think over it and our guy Santa smiling and dancing in his chair says "balle balle" in mind.
    After a while American answers, "Fix bugs in Windows98 for smooth transitions"
    Bill shouts, "Get out of here...". The poor guy runs out.
    The Japanese says, "Make Windows2000 more user friendly than Windows98".
    Bill Gates screams, "get the hell out of here....".
    Gates looks at Santa.
    Santa giggles and says: "Rename Windows98, Windows2000".
    Gates says "Balle, Balle, You got the job."
  • Puzzled!

    Once Santa and Banta were celebrating in a bar. A man walks into the bar and asks what the fuss is all about.
    Santa says: "We have just put together a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle in under six hours."
    The man says: "So what’s the big deal.
    The Banta. "On the box it says from 3 to 5 years."