• Height of wait !

    Height of wait !
    Santa and Banta decide to go picnicking one day. When they get there, they realize they`ve forgotten the whisky.
    Banta says he go and get it if he promises not to eat the chicken till he gets back.
    Now, Santa waits and waits till a whole day goes by, when Santa says to himself: Come on, I`m hungry. He is not going to come back so let me eat the chicken anyway.
    Suddenly Banta pops up from behind a tree and says: If you do that, I won`t go !
  • Jump to conclusion!

    Santa and his friend are watching a film in a theatre. Just before the interval they see a man standing on the rooftop looking down.
    During the break the friend says to Santa: I bet the man will jump and break his bones.
    Santa says: No, I am sure he would not
    So they decide that whoever looses treats the other to a drink after the film. Santa loses.
    When they are having the drink, the friend says: I must confess that the bet was not fair. I was seeing the film for the second time so I knew what was going to happen.
    Santa replies: Same here, but I was sure the fool would not jump again.
  • Puzzled!

    Once Santa and Banta were celebrating in a bar. A man walks into the bar and asks what the fuss is all about.
    Santa says: "We have just put together a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle in under six hours."
    The man says: "So what’s the big deal.
    The Banta. "On the box it says from 3 to 5 years."
  • Cable and Wireless!

    Once Santa and an American had a discussion over whose civilization was technologically more advanced in the ancient times. As the discussion was getting nowhere, they both decided to do some archaeological excavation to prove their respective claims. So the American started digging up in USA and after some time came up with a curly wire of a telephone.
    He wrote in his report - US civilization was so advanced even in the ancient times that people then were using telephones; as has been proved by the presence of telephone wires amongst the excavation finds.
    Now Santa went to Punjab and started his own digging. He dug and dug but could not come with anything and so went and wrote in his report - Indian civilization was more advanced even in those times that we were using cellular phones; as has been proved by the absence of any telephone wires in the excavation finds.