• Affair with a dentist

    Preeto fell for her handsome new dentist like a ton of bricks and pretty soon had lured him into a series of passionate encounters in the dental clinic after hours.
    But one day the dentist said sadly, "Preeto, we have to stop seeing each other. Your husband's bound to get suspicious."
    "No way, sweetie, he's dumb as a post," she assured him. "Besides, we've been seeing each other for six months now and he doesn't suspect a thing."
    "True," agreed the dentist, "but you're down to one tooth!"
  • Speed limit

    A traffic Policeman stopped a woman for exceeding the posted speed limit. He asked the driver her name.
    She said, "I'm Mrs. Ladislav Abdulkhashim Zybkcicraznovskaya from the Republic of Uzbekistan visiting my daughter in Columbia."
    As she finished speaking the cop paused for a moment and then put away his summons book and pen, and said, "Well... OK... but don't let me catch you speeding again."
  • Day's off!

    Banta goes to see his supervisor in the front office.
    "Sir," he says, "we're doing some heavy house-cleaning at home tomorrow, and my wife, Preeto, needs me to help with the top floor and the garage, moving and hauling stuff."
    "We're short-handed, Banta," the boss replies. "I can't give you the day off."
    "Thanks, Sir," says Banta, "I knew I could count on you!"
  • Painful pinch!

    As the crowded elevator descended, Banta's wife, Preeto, became increasingly furious with Banta, who was delighted to be pressed against a gorgeous girl.
    As the elevator stopped at the main floor, the girl suddenly whirled, slapped Banta, and said, "That will teach you to pinch!"
    Bewildered, Banta was halfway to the parking lot with Preeto when he choked, "I... I... didn't pinch that girl."
    "Of course you didn't," said Preeto, consolingly, "I did."