• Nature Calls

    Nature Calls
    Banta's driving along the highway one evening when all of a sudden nature calls. He sees a little bar up the way and he pulls into the parking lot.

    When he gets inside, he finds the place is packed! The bar is crowded with people trying to get drinks, ladies are dancing on the tables and there's hardly standing room anywhere.

    Banta scans the place a couple of times to find the restrooms, but to no avail. Finally, he spots a small stairway and scrambles up.

    When he gets to the top, he discovers that all the doors are locked. All but one. When he opens the door, all he sees is a big hole in the floor. Desperate, he drops his pants and dumps the biggest load he's ever had right there in the hole.

    Relieved, he calmly walks down the stairs. The once crowded barroom is completely empty, not a soul was in sight. Slowly, a bartender rises from behind the bar.

    "What happened!?!" says Banta.

    The bartender responds "Where were you when the shit hit the fan?!"
  • Suicide Bomber

    Suicide Bomber
    Banta joins the suicide bomber squad, so when he is given a mission to suicide in the enemies camp. His leader supply him a lot of weapons and bombs stacked to his body and mobile for communications.

    He lands up in the enemy's camp, called his boss: Sir, there are 2 enemies soldier, can I suicide now?

    Leader: No, not for two, wait till you see more soldiers.

    Banta: Sir now there are 25 can I do it now?

    Boss: Wait for more.

    Banta: Sir, now I am in a midst of 100 soldiers, can I suicide now?

    Boss: Yes, go ahead, you will be a martyr, don't worry about your family, we will look after.

    Banta pulls his knife and stabs himself in his chest.
  • Car Dents

    Car Dents
    Banta was driving back from Shimla when there was a terrible hailstorm. Huge hailstones the size of tennis balls pelted his car leaving it full of dents.

    He drove to the nearby automotive center and asked what he should do. The mechanic explained what needed to be done and that it would cost at least Rs 5,000 to repair. Banta said that was too much and asked if there was some other way to fix it.

    He decided to have a little fun and said, "Well you could blow into the tail pipe real hard and they might pop back out."

    Banta decided to give it a try before spending that much money. He drove home and was in the garage with his lips wrapped around the exhaust pipe when his neighbour Santa came over to visit.

    "What are you doing?" asked Santa.

    "I'm blowing into the tailpipe real hard to pop all these dents out of my car," explained Banta.

    "Well silly, it's not going to work," replied Santa.

    "Why not?" asked Banta.

    "Because you've got to roll up the windows first."
  • Misunderstanding

    The homeowner was delighted with the way Santa had done all the paintwork on his house.

    "You did a great job," he said as he handed Santa his fees. "Also, in order to thank-you, here's an extra 500 bucks to take the wife out to dinner and a movie."

    Santa declined, saying, "No, I can't accept that."

    "I insist," said the man. "It would make me very happy if you do it."

    "Well," said Santa reluctantly, but with appreciation, "If you really don't mind it, I'll do it."

    Later that night, the doorbell rang and it was Santa, standing there in clean clothes, holding a bouquet of flowers.

    Thinking that Santa had forgotten something he asked, "What's the matter, did you leave something behind?"

    "Nope," replied Santa. "I'm just here to take the wife out to dinner and a movie like you asked."