• Mindset of Indian Cricketers

    Sourav Ganguly: Do or Die.

    Virender Sehwag: Do before you die.

    Rahul Dravid: Do until they die.

    Sachin Tendulkar: Do that will never die.

    VVS Laxman: Do when everyone else dies.

    Yuvraj Singh: Do, die, reborn, do, die, reborn (repeat)....

    Rohit Sharma: Die before you do.


    Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Do everything before luck dies.
  • Skiing Backwards!!!

    A lady went skiing and halfway down the hill had to go to the bathroom.

    No facilities nearby, she found a sheltered area, dropped her pants and proceeded to relieve herself.

    Suddenly she found herself beginning to slide backwards, out into the open and down the slope with her pants around her knees. She crashed and broke her leg. The paramedics rushed her to the local hospital. The doctor walked into her room.

    Laughing hysterically, he said, "You're not going to believe this, but the guy in the next room claims he fell off the ski lift and broke his leg because he saw a naked lady skiing backwards down the mountain!"

    As he began to compose himself, he asked, "So, how did you break YOUR leg??"
  • Soccer Fans

    4 men were stranded in a desert. Suddenly, 1 of them died.

    The other 3 decided that the only way to survive was to eat the dead body.

    The 1st man said, "I support Liverpool, so I'll eat his liver".

    The 2nd man said, "I support Manchester United, so I'll eat his chest".

    The 3rd man said, "I support Arsenal... but I'm not very hungry"!
  • Impromptu practice session

    A teacher at a school for blind kids is taking his school's soccer team to an "away game".

    They stop for a rest break, and to let the kids work off some energy with a little impromptu practice in a nearby pasture. The teacher is sitting in a nearby diner, explaining to another patron how it is that blind kids can play soccer.

    "We made a special ball, with a bell in it, so the kids can keep track of where the ball is and what it's doing by listening for it. They're pretty good at it too."

    "Very clever!" remarks the other patron.

    Just then they are interrupted as another patron, who is looking out the window, says, "Hey! Are you the guy with those damn blind kids from the bus?"

    "Yes," says the teacher, stung by the way "his" kids are being referred to, "what about it? You got something against blind kids?"

    "Nothing, ordinarily," says the guy, still scowling out the window, "but you better get them rounded up quick! They're kicking the hell out of my best milk cow!"