• Kohli's 'Golden Duck'

    Anushka Sharma is turning out to be the Greg Chappel of Virat Kohli's career!

    A 'Golden Duck' is all Virat Kohli could gift Anushka Sharma at the Lord's.

    Virat Kohli has scored a zero because of Anushka. No!!! He has scored a 'Duck' as a tribute to Anushka Sharma's new lip job.

    Anushka Sharma: "Want to hear a joke?"
    Virat Kohli: "Yes."
    Anushka Sharma: "Runs."
    Virat Kohli: "I don't get it." Anushka Sharma: "Exactly."

    Sharapova: I know Anushka but who is Virat Kohli?

    BCCI has given permission to Virat Kohli that he can keep Anushka Sharma with him in England, Now Kohli can officially score Duck.

    Virat Kohli has 2 ducks now. One in this match and Anushka Sharma.

    Virat Kohli has right to come back to pavilion as soon as possible as Anushka Sharma has traveled so long for his company.

    Virat Kohli is so deeply madly in love with Anushka Sharma that he wants to remember her in his batting scores too.

    'Virat Kohli goes for Anushka Sharma' - the sentence has a whole new meaning (Goes for a duck).

    Virat Kohli fell too much in love with the new duck lips of Anushka Sharma, that he did the same with his innings.

    Why did Anushka Sharma came to England with Virat Kohli, when everybody knows that Indian cricketers can't perform overseas.

    A women is behind every men's Success but unfortunately that not going to happen in Virat kohli and Anuska sharma's life.
  • Archery Contest...

    Once upon a time there was an archery contest.

    The first archer, wearing a long cape covering his face, lines up in position. He takes a deep breath and fires an arrow which finds the center of the target.

    Then he takes of his cape and screams: I AM....... ROBIN HOOD!!!

    The crowd cheers!

    The second archer with a cape lines up in position. He fires his arrow which hits the center and cuts robin hood's arrow into two!

    He takes off his cape and screams: I AM...... WILLIAM TELL!!!!

    The crowd cheers!!!

    Finally, a third man in cape lines up in position. He fires his arrow but it goes all wrong!!! It flies past the crowd and kills the king!!!

    Then the man takes off his cape and screams: I AM...... SORRY!!!
  • FIFA World Cup 2014 WhatsApp Group

    Spain has left the group
    Australia has left the group
    Cameroon has left the group
    England has left the group
    Mexico is typing message
    Croatia: typing message
    Cote D'Ivoire: typing message
    Argentina recording Audio
    Brazil recording Audio
    Netherland is online
    Chile is online
    Pakistan blocked
    India last seen....
  • T20 Format in Exams...

    Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of IPL and T20...

    Same rules should be applied in Exams too!

    1. Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour.

    2. Power Play - No Invigilator In Exam Hall For 1st 15 mins.

    3. Cheer Leaders - To Dance After Every Right Answer Written.

    4. Strategic Time-Out - Time For Students For Discussion.

    5. Super Over - Chance For Students To Form Their Own Question.

    Best wishes & best of luck for exams.