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Mobile Undies!
Mobile Undies!

Your iPhone is Nude without a Pair of Panties...


A couple had been divorced for about 6 months, but still remained good friends. This worked out pretty good since the both lived in the same apartment building. One day he slipped on the ice and broke his arm. Later he met his ex-wife in the elevator and she asked if there was anything she could do to help.

He responded, "Well yes, if it's not to much trouble, could you help me take a bath?"

She readily agreed and soon after she began washing him she saw a gradual erection began to appear. "Look John," she exclaimed happily "It still recognizes me!!!"

पुरुष का 'लिंग'!

सबसे पवित्र चीज है पुरुष का 'लिंग'

ये बहूत विनम्र है, हमेशा झुका रहता है

ये दयालु है, लडकियों की गोद भरता है

ये असली गुरु है, जो अपने दो चेलों का साथ नही छोडता

इसमें सादगी है, ये छोटी सी गुफा में रात गुजारता है

ये आदरणीय है, नारी को देख के खड़ा हो जाता है

ये कोमल है, चाहे कितना भी मोड़ो मरोड़ो इसमें से अमृत ही निकलता है, जिससे सृष्टि चलती है।

अगर आप भी लिंग धारी हैं तो इसे आगे भेजते रहिये।

Picture SMS
Boy: Mummy Uska Naam Jasmine Kyun Hai?<br/>
Mom: Kyun Ki Uski Mom Ko Flower Bahut Pasand Hai<br/>
Boy: Toh Phir Mera Naam Aisa Kyun?<br/>
Mom: Gotiya! Faltu Ki Bakwas Bandd Kar!
Disclaimer: The visuals/cartoons are the humourous interpretation of the cartoonist. Any resemblance to person(s) or incident(s) is done with humourous intent, and not to defame, hurt or tarnish the image of any person(s).