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Shaving Down There!!!
Shaving Down There!!!

Fruits of Love

A newlywed couple was spending their honeymoon in a remote log cabin resort way up the mountains of Scotland. They had registered on Saturday, and they had not been seen for five days.

An elderly couple ran the resort, and they were getting concerned about the welfare of these newlyweds. The old man decided to go and see if they were alright.

He knocked on the door of the cabin and a weak voice from inside answered. The old man asked if they were okay.

"Yes, we're fine. We're living on the fruits of love," came the reply.

The old man responded, "I thought so. Would you mind not throwing the peelings out the window? They're choking my ducks!"


एक बार एक आदमी ने पार्टी में एक लड़की को देख कर उससे पूछा कि अगर वो उसे एक बार अपना टॉप उतार कर अपने बूब्स दिखाए तो वो उसे 500 रुपये देगा।

लड़की ने हाँ कर दी और 500 रुपये लेकर अपना टॉप उतार दिया।

आदमी की लालच बड़ी और बोला कि अगर तुम अपनी जीन्स उतार कर अपनी चूत दिखा दोगी तो मैं तुम्हें 1000 रुपये दूंगा।

लड़की ने 1000 रुपये लिए और अपनी जीन्स भी उतार दी।

यह देख कर आदमी का मन और ललचा गया और बोला कि अगर तुम मेरे साथ सेक्स करोगी तो कितने पैसे लोगी?

लड़की: वही जो सबसे लेती हूँ 300 रुपये!

Picture SMS
Girl: What is your favorite position in bed?<br/>
Boy: Near the wall so I can use my phone while it's charging!
Disclaimer: The visuals/cartoons are the humourous interpretation of the cartoonist. Any resemblance to person(s) or incident(s) is done with humourous intent, and not to defame, hurt or tarnish the image of any person(s).