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Things You Should Never Say to a Girl in Bed
Things You Should Never Say to a Girl in Bed

Sometimes those intense love hormones can make you say some crazy stuff. So when you`re having sex with your girl, it`s important to avoid unnecessary comments that could ruin her mood, or even worse...

Nude Portrait

Grace and Martha were from a very prim and proper Eastern finishing school, and they were spending their vacation together in New York.

On this particular afternoon, they had accepted an invitation from a Bohemian artist, whom they had met a few weeks before on a visit to the Village, to attend an exhibition of his paintings. As they approached an extremely provocative nude, Grace couldn't help noticing that the canvas bore a striking resemblance to her girlfriend.

"Martha," she gasped, "that painting looks exactly like you. Don't tell me you've been posing in the nude!"

"Certainly not!" Martha stammered, blushing furiously. "He must have painted it from memory."

नाराज़ मत होना!

लडकी अपने बॉयफ्रेंड से: चलो आज एक दूसरे से गाली दे कर बात करते हैं।

लडका: नही तुम नाराज हो जाओगी।

लडकी: चल कुत्ते

लडका: चल कुत्ती

लडकी: चल कमीने

लडका: चल कमीनी

लडकी: चल पागल

लडका: चल पगली

लडकी: चल चुतिये, हरामजादे

लडका: चल रंडी, मादरचोद, तेरी माँ का भोसडा, बहन की लौड़ी, टके टके पे चुदवाने वाली, तेरी तरह तेरी बहन को भी चोदूगां, साली आजा तेरी गांड मारता हूँ बहनचोद, मादर चोद की बच्ची, लौड़ा फ़ेंक के मारूंगा यहाँ से तो गायब हो जाएगी रंडी साली।

लडकी (रोते हुए): आज से हमारा रिशता खत्म।

लडका: अरे जानू सुनो तो... मैंने कहा था तुम नाराज़ हो जाओगी।

Picture SMS
Friends are like breasts. You have big ones, small ones, real ones and fakes ones!
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