You can play, but no three pointers pleaseeeee
Have new cars become unaffordable? No problem at all....
You know after he`s done shitting himself, he`s going to beat the shit out of you.
Answer the above questions and test your IQ level
This redundant library sign sure is helpful.
Finally it`s revealed that why some people have a huge contact list... Checkout and tell what`s your truth.
There are things which you can find everywhere Potato, jackass and an Idiot...
Are you an FB junkie or an FB captive?
It`s the weekend again... and here`s your forecast: Binge drinking and bad decisions with a 90% chance of flirting with average looking girls.
A mother of identical quadruplets has come up with this incredibly effective hair-raising solution to tell them apart.
You can play, but no three pointers pleaseeeee