The good news is that it`s only flat at the bottom...
Yeah, but if you unbake it further you can turn that chicken back into an egg.
She was told to scan her Laptop for viruses!
This is only for those who are computer illiterate and don`t understand computers. Check this latest friendly software.
The route to cross the maze is pretty perplexing. Can you help a blonde cross it? Plesae help her, she is in a real fix.
You are playing the title match of tic tac toe. It is your turn. Can you make a final right move and win the championship? Try.
One of these is a square and one is not. Can you tell which one is a square?
The artist has cleverly left a part of this drawing. Can you find the missing lines and tell what this animal i?
Please locate the elephant in this picture. If you are able to locate it, then you are probably not blonde or you are an intelligent blonde!!!