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The Trust!

Mulla Nasruddin and his wife went to Israel for their holidays, and visited a night club in Tel Aviv. A comedian was on the bill who did his whole act in Hebrew.

Nasruddin's wife sat through the comic's act in silence, but Nasruddin roared with laughter at the end of each joke.

"I didn't know you understood Hebrew," she said to the Mulla when the comedian had concluded his act.

"I don't," replied Nasrudin.

"Well, how come you laughed so much at his jokes?"

"AH, said Nasruddin, "I TRUSTED HIM."

Wifey Traits!

How various wife's fight with their respective husbands...

Pilot's wife: Don't fly too high...

Teacher's wife: Don't teach me...

Painter's wife: I'll paint you...

Dhobi's wife: I'll wash you...

Actor's wife: Don't act too much...

Dentist's wife: I'll break your teeth...

CA's wife: Stay with proper accountability...

Engineer's wife: I'll loosen all your parts...

Architect's wife: Stay straight or else I'll change your architecture...

and the Best one
Marketing Executive's wife: If you speak too much I'll sell you on OLX...

The Indian Farmer

An Indian farmer walking through his field notices a foreigner drinking water from a pond, with his hand.

The Farmer shouts, "Woh paani mat peena. Usmein gayein, bhains or suwar nahate hain, potty karte hain, sussu karte hain! (which means, Don't drink that water, the cows, the buffaloes and the pigs shit and pee in it!)"

The man shouts back, "I'm a foreigner, I don't understand your bloody gibberish. Speak English, you bloody Indian idiot!"

The farmer shouts back in English, "Use two hands dude, you can drink more!"

Favourite Patients!!!

4 surgeons sat around discussing their favourite patients type.

1st surgeon says, "I like operating on librarians. When you open them up, everything is in alphabetical order."

2nd surgeon says, "I like operating on accountants. When you open them up, everything is in numerical order."

3rd surgeon says, "I like operating on electricians. When you open them up, everything is color coded."

The 4th surgeon says, "I like operating on politicians."

The other three surgeons look at each other in disbelief.

The 4th surgeon continues, "Because they're heartless, gutless, spineless, and the butts and brains are interchangeable."


Angels, roll the rock away;
Death, yield up thy mighty prey:
See, He rises from the tomb,
Glowing with immortal bloom.


Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as a medicine.


Gravity isn't easy, but it's the law.