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Fake Encounter!

During Terrorism days in Punjab, a terrorist before his daring escape from prison, had been photographed from four different angles.

The Punjab Police sent copies of the pictures to police chiefs all across the different police districts, with orders to notify the headquarter the moment an arrest was made.

The pictures were duly circulated in different police stations.

The next day, the the headquarter received a wireless from the ambitious Police Inspector of a remote Police Station:


The ATM!

Banta wanted to use his ATM card but the machine kept on rejecting the card. In frustration Banta called his bank help line.

Banta, angrily: So what's wrong with my ATM card? Girl: Sir, I have checked your account, everything is alright here and you should be able to use your card, are you sure your card is not damaged or broken?

Banta: Are you insane? What are You insinuating? No one takes good care of their ATM card like I do.

Girl: Okay Sir, are you also sure the surface isn't wet or stained with dirt?

Banta: Are you mad? I take very good care of my card. As a matter of fact, I even got it laminated last week when I laminated my Identity card. Girl: Did you just said LAMINATE? Banta: Of course Yes!!!

Beware of a Lover!

10 advantages of not having a "LOVER".

1. Save time.

2. Can sleep well.

3. Don't have to bother about missed calls.

4. Don't have to worry about how you look.

5. Can eat in any restaurant.

6. No boring SMS in the middle of night.

7. Can talk with all girls.

8. You won't hear `aaw.. You are dull today`.

9. Can go anywhere with any one.

10. Don't have to listen same old crap jokes..

BONUS:- You will live a long life... So be aware of LOVER!

Kanjoos Lovers...

A kanjoos boy fell in LOVE with a kanjoos Girl

Girl: Jab Dad so jayenge to main gali mein ek SIKKA phenk dungi, tum turrant andar aa jana.

Lekin ladka sikka phenne ke ek ghante baad aaya aur kuch pareshaan bhi tha.

Girl: Itni der kyo laga di?

Boy: Wo main sikka DHOOND raha tha.

Girl: Pagal wo tho 'DHAAGA BAANDH' ke phenka tha, tabhi waapas kheench liya tha...


The spirit of Easter is all about hope, love and joyful living.


'Dreamt' is the only word in the English language that ends with 'MT'.


Gravity isn't easy, but it's the law.