Our 'digital twins' may be making our decisions by 2020

Our 'digital twins' may be making our decisions by 2020
Within 5 years, there will be a computer program "digital twin" to clone people's personality that will be capable of making decisions for them and even interacting with loved ones after death, it has been revealed.

John Smart, founder of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, said that with this technology the people are going to fire up the digital twins of their lost ones and talk to them, Business Insider reported.

Smart added that these digital twins, with the concept of creating a computer-based version of people, will become increasingly like people and extensions of them.

Smart theorizes that they will hold conversations and have faces that mimic human emotion, but to reach their full potential, however, they require two important developments "good conversational interfaces and semantic maps."

He continued that where people are headed is creating this world in which one feels he has this thing out there looking after his values.

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