World's first 'poop-powered' motorbike

World's first 'poop-powered' motorbike
A famous lavatory maker in Japan unveiled a motorcycle on Wednesday that can travel as far as 180 miles on a tank filled with animal waste.

Touted as the world's first waste-powered vehicle, the three-wheeler has a lavatory in place of a regular seat and huge paper roll at the back.

"The biogas it uses as fuel is not made from human waste. It's made from livestock waste and sewage," the Telegraph quoted Kenji Fujita, TOTO's spokesman, as telling reporters in a Tokyo suburb.

"We hope to raise awareness among customers about our green campaign through development of environmentally-friendly products such as water-saving showerheads and water-saving toilets," Fujita added.

The company, however, has no plans to commercialise the motorcycle.

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