Now, send smelly farts to your loved ones

Now, send smelly farts to your loved ones
A US card company has launched a unique service that sends foul-smelling goods across the world to unsuspecting victims.

Each package from Fart By Mail costs just 8.99 dollars and comes sealed in an airtight polyethylene envelope complete with a custom message, greeting card and a comedy fart sound, the Daily Mail reported.

Every envelope has a natural non-toxic smelly formula, which is safe to inhale, but has a very unpleasant fragrance.

The card company is the idea of attorney Zach Friedberg , 28, who runs the business alongside his day job.

"I've always loved sending and receiving letters and packages in the mail - especially unexpected ones," he said.

"People never send things that way anymore because it's all about the internet, even at Christmas people prefer to go online and send an email. So Fart By Mail is a business that encourages people to engage with each other outside of digital mediums.

"Fart gags are timeless, and we even use modern cartoon designs to make it less crass and slightly more classy so hopefully people can take it in good humour," he added.

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