Now, hire sex coaches to spice up your sex life!

Now, hire sex coaches to spice up your sex life!
Ever heard of a sex coach? Well, that’s that guy (or gal) that couples are looking up to in order to add an extra dash of zing to their sex life. Aniela McGuinness and her husband, Jourdan, both 29, were unhappy with their sex life, so they approached New York-based sex coach Eric Amaranth, who, from a chair in the corner of a hotel room, gave the couple a bevy of sex toys and issued instructions.

For $240 per hour (or Rs. 13,080 approximately), the couple tried out different intimate sex acts on each other and by following Amaranth’s advice, they say that they are now more confident and are enjoying the best sex of their relationship. “I had orgasms like I’ve never had before— with him (Amarnath) in the room,” says Aniela.

In London, sex coach Mike Lousada claims to be able to reawaken a woman’s sexuality with tantric sex and inter-vaginal massage. And there are the sex surrogates, who give their clients one-on-one coaching in “caressing techniques, kissing, feeling relaxed with another person in the nude and, inevitably, the sex act itself.”

Amaranth, 36, says that his clients can choose between talk sessions that take place over Skype or G-chat for $175 (or R9538 approx); or the “guided sessions”, in which he observes couples, or single people, pleasuring themselves or each other in a hotel room — giving them real-time tips, advice and encouragement.

It isn’t just couples who are seeking help, as Amaranth says that 50% of his clients are single women wanting to improve their own orgasms, or single men wanting to learn how to perform better in bed.

The trend may take a while to come to India where couples facing sex problems rely on emotional and psychological healing performed by traditional therapists.

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