The dirty little secrets of picture-perfect celebs revealed

The dirty little secrets of picture-perfect celebs revealed
Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities get it right while posing for photoshoots? This secret is most likely to leave you cringing than inspired.

Victoria's Secret beauty Candice Swanepoel was seen having her sandy bum rinsed off by a helpful aide during a photoshoot in St Bart's on Monday, the Sun reported.

While models and celebrities are discretely handed a glass full of ice when the shoot requires nipples to stand to attention for photoshoots and videos, superstar Jennifer Lopez is far too famous to see to her own tweaking as she hires a stylist to do it for her.

Since Kim Kardashian dabbles in drugs, she just needs a burly chap to push her up ladders, which seems to involve putting hands on the most famous posterior on the planet and giving her a shove.

Gisele Bundchen doesn't just use the car to get from A to B - it also doubles as a changing room.

Rihanna covered her naked body in metallic paint for her 'Umbrella', for which she was coated from head to toe.

Shakira loves to get down and dirty in her videos, so the male models must be queuing round the block for the position of co-star.

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