Forget 3D as 4K TVs are now the latest must-have

Forget 3D as 4K TVs are now the latest must-have
With the endless upgrades to high definition and screens that could show 3D images it seems it could all have be in vain as the technology is already out of date through the arrival of the 4K picture.

The ultra-high quality definition is four times as sharp as standard quality high definition and is close to that viewed only in an Imax cinema.

However, for those wishing to view the latest picture in their own living room, they must have plenty of room available for the 84inch screen and plenty of spare cash, the Daily Mail reported.

Sony has brought out a model that is more than 7ft wide and can play the new technology. Costing 25,000 pounds, only Harrods in central London currently sells the television.

The giant screen can convert ordinary television into 3D, and comes with five pairs of glasses for viewing the pin-sharp images.

Even without 3D, the ultra-high definition images are 16 times sharper than those on a normal television.

According to experts, the television's picture is so technologically advanced that few broadcasters can yet take advantage of its full potential.

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