10 jobs where workers are most likely to have office fling

10 jobs where workers are most likely to have office fling
Many people often hook up with co-workers and it turns out that some job positions can be a bit more amorous than others.

Payscale, a career website, recently asked 42,000 people working a variety of jobs about their co-worker hookup history, the Huffington Post reported.

In a survey last year, one in ten employees reported actually having sex while at the office.

Twenty-somethings also admitted to office flings much more than baby boomers, according to Payscale.

Here are the jobs where you are most likely to hook up with co-workers:

Artists are ones who are most likely to hook up with a colleague with 8.3 percent admitting it.

Cooks follow them with 8.1 percent of them admitting they'd relationship with a colleague.

They are followed by welders, with 6.3 percent.

Next are stock clerks: 5.9 percent.

5 percent of occupational health and safety specialists also admitted they'd "hooked up" with a colleague.

The same percentage of Industrial machinery workers admitted to office fling.

With 4.9 percent, automotive technicians takes the seventh position on the office fling list.

Further, 4.4 percent of food service managers and database administrators confessed to having "hooked up" with co-workers.

Last on the list are planning and expediting clerks, reporting 4.1 percent office hooked up.

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