Now, app to help you be at two places at once

Now, app to help you be at two places at once
A new app called Zabosu, claims to help you to multitask from two different places.

The app, which bills itself as a "remote-controlled human", will provide paid actors, who are freelancers, to do one's work while they are home, CNet reported.

A person can direct the actors by sitting at their computer via internet, while the actors would have the Zabosu app on their phone, which they will carry with the camera facing out to take in their surroundings.

The Zabosu website will contain a database of actors, which will indicate where they're located, what they're willing to do, and how much they charge. It'll also show their past jobs for directors.

And even though the Kickstarter campaign still needs funding to test proof its concept to get its operations going, the app is still one of its kind.

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