23 Years old Instagram model dies after 100 plastic surgeries

23 Years old Instagram model dies after 100 plastic surgeries
After over a hundred plastic surgery procedures, Instagram model, Kristyna Martelli, also known as Human Blow-up Doll has died.

She reportedly suffered a seizure and died of a heart attack while doctors performed a butt implant surgery on her last Tuesday.

Her death was however only confirmed after her friend and fellow model, Amy Anderssen, posted this on her 'gram.

Until her death, the 23-year-old model's racy photos generated a lot of controversy online.

In a post from her website, Kristyna had explained why she loved to enhance her body through plastic surgeries.

"As you all know, I just love to enhance my body to look even more plastic and extreme. I just absolutely love it, it's not just a passion, it's actually my hobby, my life!

"And you all ask a lot of how big are those, how big is that? So I wanted to just let you know all that. If you do want to know more, just come on and ask me, and I'll add this to my biography."

Kristyna had her first boob job at just 17 and has had six more after that.

She reportedly had a 32JJ cup size, along with a 25.5-inch waist and butt as big as 42 inches.

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